ALBA press conference: Negotiations cannot continue if Developed Countries do not fulfil commitments to next round of KP

Pablo Solon: convoked this press conference to share our vision and evaluation of the first week of COP16. We are going to say a brief summary at level of substance and process. Substance: unfortunately on fifth day, proceeded very little in substantial issues, ie key issues of reduction of GHG emissions. We have a total uncertainty around the  continuation of KP second period. This is unacceptable. We can’t distract ourselves with side issues, which while important, aren’t at centre of these negotiations.

There are countries who have openly said won’t support second KP period.
Others less transparently say will do this if we also start another
protocol. This is like saying if you want to continue to be married to me,
need to open yourself to me having a second wife. Not possible to condition
existence of KP if other parties agree to open other protocol. Once second
wife exists, obviously first relationship ends. This negotiation is about
KP, that is why we are here with Dominica, Nicaragua, ALBA to express
jointly our position.

*Claudia Salerno, Venezuela:* Can’t have luxury of failing here in Cancun.
We have largest commitment, a deep one to rescue our planet and our peoples.
Our countries continue suffering effects of climate change. Necessary to
express thanks to the hard working efforts of Mexico to bring parties
together after terrible night in Copenhagen. We came here with hope thanks
to their efforts, came with alba de esperanza. But we have obligation to say
what is happening. Not fault of Mexican Presidency.

Just came out of informal meeting, in which we had to discuss commitments of
countries regarding Kyoto. Various countries said there was absolutely no
possibility of second period of KP. The only viable way forward they said
was that they could they send a signal of what they will do. We don’t need
signals, we need commitments. They are repeating, in extreme ways, what we
saw on that horrific night in Copenhagen. We came to this constructively, to
find ways, looking at what we could do ourselves on mitigation,
transparency, but the other side say has chosen to go to the beach, because
they are not prepared to make any commitment.

These countries try and threaten us that if we don’t make commitments they
won’t fulfil KP. We don’t negotiate laws here, we fulfil them. We didn’t
oblige them, they took on these commitments. We won’t accede in our
positions. We want result that is good for all, but feel very frustrated,
and want to say now before we produce text tomorrow, that we must use the
hours that remain to advance and change positions of these countries.

We won’t sell ourselves, there is no money that can buy the death of any
person in the world. This is commitment with our peoples. We hope hours are
decisive. ALBA came with commitment to work, but see no commitment on their
side. They want to give signals, ones of smoke, that are only good enough to
smoke like cigarettes. There is no right that exists for a small bunch of
countries to destroy the planet. We want to work with them but not like this
where we are expected accede on everything.  A positive agreement in Cancun
must continue with KP, can build on it, but can’t destroy it. There are
countries which have shown willingness to continue, and others are pushing
everyone back.  We won’t accept signals, as this is end of planet.

Nicaragua: this position was supported by Africa, Arabic countries, some
BASIC and G77 that second KP has to stay if there are to be any advances

*Alex Morales, Bloomberg: Without second commitment, won’t be advances on
other areas?Japan only refused, which others?*

Claudia: Without second commitment, very difficulty of having balanced
agreement, is position of G77 and China. Don’t want to highlight which

*Michael McArthy, Independent: You suggested not amounting to five
countries, but who? Russia, Canada and Australia?*

Pablo: New text must have second period of commitment of KP. Document that
leaves tomorrow must be clear on this. Won’t mention names.

*Eric Lineman, Washington media: If doesn’t come out in document tomorrow,
what will you do?*

* *

Pablo: Can’t say what measures. All I can say is that refusing a second
period of commitment is unacceptable.

*Monica Oblitas, Los Tiempos: *

* *

Pablo: Time to look at constructive way out so won’t start blame game here.
We will know soon enough, but there is a chance now for countries to be more

*Gerard Win, Reuters: See any chance you might walk out of the conference*

Claudia: We never left the conference even in worst time of Copenhagen. Had
flexibility to allow to “take note”, we want document of 192 countries. We
need to be all together

*John Vidal, Guardian: support of LDCs, AOSIS, tell us who your friends are*

Ecuador believes in profound changes, and need to advance multilaterally.
President has put proposals to reach positive agreement.

Nicaragua: all Africa supported Venezuela position of necessity/continuity
of Kyoto 2nd period, Arabian countries, and this has been position of all

*Angelica, La Jornada: accusation that ALBA more ideological than anything*

Pablo: We have position that is legal and judicial ie we require signatories
of KP to meet 3.9 of KP that says that countries that ratified KP must
commit to second period, this is what must be completed. We have delayed
this decision for a long time. This negotiation started in 2005 and should
have been approved last year to allow approval by Parliaments. If delay
further, it won’t happen. So ALBA is not ideological, but merely wants
developed countries to fulfil the law and their international binding
commitments tied to international treaty


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