Gendercc – Women for Climate Justice

The network gendercc – women for climate justice was kickstarted at COP9 in Milan(2003), when some organisations (LIFE, ENERGIA, WECF) invited to an informal meeting to discuss whether the issue ‘gender’ should be given more attention at climate change negotiations. There was a strong voice for further networking and cooperation in bringing gender into the debates. In order to support cooperation and to introduce the issue to a broader audience a website was created ( – the website is not maintained any more).

Since then, there were regular side events and meetings at the following COP’s, followed by a growing interest in the network and in the issue gender and climate change.

A milestone was reached at COP13 in Bali, when the network published several position papers articulating the women’s and gender perspectives on the most pressing issues under negotiation. They were met with interest, increasing awareness, and increased expression of commitment to gender justice from a number of stakeholders.