Videos and voices…

Antonio Pacor filming in Cochabamba for WSF TV

Great coverage on World Social Forum tv and Democracy Now! and the REALnews network

plus more from CJN! activists on the ground…

Elena Gerebizza covers climate and finance (in Italian)

Daphne Wysham talks to EarthBeatRadio

Interview with Jubilee South’s Beverly Keene, in Spanish

Video que podrán encontrar en youtube:

Toda la cobertura de la Conferencia sobre Cambio Climático en Cochabamba en:

Yasmine Brien (No Borders, UK) on the Climate Migrants Working Group discussion this morning at the World People’s Summit on Climate Change and the Rights of Mother Earth

Joaquin Sanchez responds to La Opinión on Evo, GM chicken and sexual orientation

Colin Rajah on the Climate Migrants Work Group here at the PMCCC in Cochabamba, Bolivia

Photo updates of the mural, with a video clip with Maria Suarez (Colective Bachetta, Argentina)

Vox pop by Noel Douglas

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