Asia Pacific Forum on Women, Law and Development Statement

We acknowledge that “gender” has gained recognition and that gender language has been included in the official documents and appears in many projects or side events at the COP17. However, we are concerned that the term, “gender” has been poorly conceptualised in official documents and lacks the critical edge that we have been advocating for. It is used just like the word “green” to greenwash the “brown”.  To achieve gender and climate justice, a fundamental transformation in the current global economic system and climate change negotiations has to occur.  Central to this is ending the marginalisation of women’s concerns and integrating women fully into these negotiations as key agents in making this transformation happen. Continue reading

"Recognizing that human beings are part of an interdependent system" Bolivia's Submission for a Shared Vision

Submission on behalf of the Plurinational State of Bolivia
Shared Vision for Long-term Cooperative Action
The Conference of Parties,
1.    Recognizing that human beings are part of an interdependent system with which we must live together in harmony and balance while respecting the rights of all;
2.    Recognizing the need to achieve not merely peace among humanity but to restore equilibrium and harmony to nature by defending everything that has life and gives life;
3.    Acknowledging that we have followed the laws of humanity while violating the fundamental laws of nature giving rise to climate change and other forms of ecological destruction;

4.    Believing that to achieve the realization of human rights and human dignity it is necessary to recognize and defend the rights of Mother Earth;
5.    Recognizing that access to and use of the Earth’s atmosphere and climate system is necessary for the realization of human rights including the right to development, and that atmospheric space should be fairly shared between all countries and peoples; Continue reading