TWN Tianjin News Update No.12

Developing countries stress on Party-driven text for Cancun 12 October 2010, Tianjin, 12 October (Hilary Chiew and Meena Raman) – Developing countries at the closing plenary of the 12th […]

TWN Tianjin News Update No.10

Kyoto Protocol’s future still uncertain 11 October 2010, Tianjin, 11 October (Lim Li Lin) – The working group of the Kyoto Protocol closed on Saturday (9 October) in Tianjin, […]

TWN Tianjin News Update No.9

Divergent views remain over Kyoto Protocol second commitment period 9 October 2010, Tianjin, 9 October (Hilary Chiew) – There is still no agreement among developed countries on the post […]

TWN Tianjin News Update No.6

Call for a permanent forum on potential consequences from response measures to climate change 8 October 2010, Tianjin, 8 October (Hilary Chiew) – Developing countries have proposed a single […]

TWN Tianjin News Update No.5

“Stock-taking meeting” midway through Tianjin shows divergence of views on process and outcome for Cancun 7 October 2010, Tianjin, October 7 (Meena Raman) – At the UNFCCC climate talks […]