CJN Kyoto Protocol Working Group (AWG-KP) Closing Intervention

CJN Kyoto Protocol Working Group (AWG-KP) Closing Intervention     –

December 15th, 2009

Delivered by Yokeling Chee, Third World Network

Thank you Mr. Chairman.

I am speaking as a member of Climate Justice Now! – a network of organisations and movements from across the globe committed to the fight for genuine solutions – local and global – to the climate crisis.

We strongly call on Parties to deliver the most important legally binding outcome for Copenhagen – that Annex 1 countries commit to binding reduction targets for the second commitment period of the Kyoto Protocol.  We are appalled at the lack of progress on this critical issue, and fully support and stand behind the Africa Group and the G77 and China in holding the developed world to account.Developed countries are not fulfilling their promises – under Kyoto or the Bali Action plan – they are attempting to break their international obligations.

We call on the developed countries to deliver deep cuts in their emissions. More than 100 developing countries (Africa, LDCs and AOSIS) are calling for at least 45% reductions on 1990 levels by 2020, and some are calling for more than 49 % domestic reductions by 2017.

We call on developed countries to complete three years of negotiations on one single set of numbers – the aggregate and individual commitments of industrialized countries. The aggregate figure must be determined by science and equity.

We must first see progress on developed country commitments to see wider progress in the negotiations. The future of developing countries is on the line in these talks. We cannot be held to ransom by continued inaction by developed countries and attempts to kill the Kyoto Protocol.

The key work here in Copenhagen is emission reductions of developed countries – countries must focus on them under the already agreed Kyoto framework. Without this outcome, Copenhagen will be a failure, and the international climate regime is at dire risk. Not only is the climate regime at risk, so is the world at risk.

We are appalled at the attempts of rich countries to destroy the Kyoto Protocol here in Copenhagen. We denounce the “green room” meetings which rich countries have initiated, and any text produced without the mandate of the Parties. These exclusionary tactics are not acceptable.

Thank you.