Global Justice Ecology Project

What differentiates Global Justice Ecology Project from most groups is our holistic approach to organizing.  We believe that the compartmentalization of issues is enabling corporations and conservative forces to keep movements for change divided and powerless.  We strive to identify and address the common roots to the issues of social injustice, ecological destruction and economic domination as a means to achieve a fundamental transformation toward a society based on egalitarian ideals and grounded in ecology.

We have two programs:
• The STOP GE Trees Campaign: The goal of this campaign is a global ban on the release of genetically engineered trees into the environment.
• The Climate/Connections Program: Read our statement on climate change, click here

Global Justice Ecology Project is also the fiscal sponsor of the Mobilization for Climate Justice (MCJ), a North America-based network of organizations and activists who have joined together to build a North American climate justice movement that emphasizes non-violent direct action and public education to mobilize for effective and just solutions to the climate crisis.

The Mobilization was founded to link the climate struggle in the US to the growing international climate justice movement, with an eye toward building for actions around the Copenhagen climate summit and beyond.  Its objective is to provide a justice-based framework for organizing around climate change that opens space for leadership by representatives of communities in the US that are most impacted by climate change and the fossil fuel industry.

In addition, Native Solutions to Conservation Refugees (NSCoRe) is a fiscally sponsored project of Global Justice Ecology Project.  The mission of Native Solutions to Conservation Refugees is to respond to Indigenous and local communities’ wishes when conservation and environmental factors threaten to displace them. NSCoRe is committed to the local communities providing the solutions, when possible.