Klimaforum Bonn, 3-4 June

What next for climate protection?

June 3-4, 2010, Rheinisches Landesmuseum, Colmantstraße 14–16, Bonn, Germany

The climate crisis is upon us. But despite widespread political claims of support for climate protection, the UN negotiations in Copenhagen collapsed. A breakthrough for just and effective climate protection is not in sight – either nationally or at the international level. Good reason for social movements and environmental groups worldwide to continue our efforts for climate justice.

On the occasion of UN climate talks in Bonn, the German section of Attac and the BUND (Friends of the Earth, Germany) in cooperation with Alliance Klimawelle (“Climate Wave”) Bonn are organizing the strategy and action conference Climate Forum Bonn.

This alternative summit will continue the important work of the Climate Forum 09 during the Copenhagen Summit.

The program will include workshops and panel discussions on energy, mobility, agriculture, trade and social policy as well as international climate policy.

We must do it ourselves! New Strategies for just and effective climate protection!

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