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  1. Hi guys,
    I came across you via Greta Thunberg. Great work you are doing! I am Anna and with my project Sailmate I am raising awareness for our limited resources. I upcycle used sails into bags and they are produced by former refugees. The products carry the message for sustainability and potentials around us. Especially the textile industry needs a fast and big change.

    I am based in Amsterdam and have a big network in the sustainability area. I would love to support your initiative. Let me know how that’s possible and how we can spread the message together!



  2. hello, I wanted to donate. Unfortunately that does not work, it does not work? what can I do, the internet site is not working? Lucia

  3. Hello to you,
    my english is very bad so please keep in touch with the message.
    My name is Jan Beigel and I want to give you a solution for the fight for climate justice. It is an extraordinary system to save the world with “simply” changing the monetary system and saving the nature. PLEASE have a look on it. Its called GRADIDO
    Thank you for helping all of us, Jan Beigel

  4. Hello,

    My name is Andrea Rodríguez and I am a journalist at Custommedia, as well as editor of the specialist HR publication “Equipos&Talento”; Talent Day organizer (; and “Compromiso RSE”, a channel focusing on Corporate Social Responsibility and Sustainability.

    I’m writing to you to suggest an interview with Greta Thunberg for our new Social Inspirers programme that is called “Deja huella con corazón” (Leave a mark with heart) because of all her work.

    Social Inspirers aims to give a voice and visibility to people who care about the welfare of others and wants to provide all people with the most important information about those who are concerned with making this world a better place. Its aim is to promote the best version of ourselves, “to be inspiring”, so that everyone can make a small contribution towards improving our society.

    All this will be done in two versions: one for a general business target audience and the other aimed at school students aged between 10 and 18. We want to inspire all these young people to build a better society and the interview will be the same in both versions.

    People interviewed have included Ken Yeang, whose commitment to sustainable architecture has led him to being called one of the 50 people who can save the planet by The Guardian; Magnus MacFarlane-Barrow, considered to be one of the 100 most influential people on the planet by Time magazine; Sonia Fernández Vidal, whose efforts to promote science among young people through enjoyable books has earned her recognition from Forbes as one of the 100 most creative people in the world; Elena Barraquer, an ophthalmologist who alongside her usual work also performs more than 1,000 cataract operations a year in Africa, or the incredible story of Ryan Hreljac. But you don’t need to be the world’s best to be a Social Inspirer; you only need to have contributed something from your field to help make a better society, in other words “leaving a mark with heart”.

    This is why we would like hers to be one of the interviews in the Social Inspirers project.

    Let me also remind you that the interview can be done either by telephone or by questionnaire, whichever is better for her. The same goes for photographs, we can publish photographs that you provide us.

    Thank you in advance for your time in reading this mail and also for your collaboration.

    Best regards,

  5. Hi, how are you?
    Mi name is Andrés and i am a journalist for NTN24, an international news channel that broadcasts for all latin america and the USA. I’m currently working on a show called CLÍMAX where we specialize in environmental related topics. We are interested in knowing more about the youth movement that Greta Thunberg has inspired for the climate change. We would like to invite Greta to have a short interview with us in order to discuss this important matter. The interview would be done via skype and in english. Please let me know when it would be the best time for you. We remain avaliable at all times. Thank you so much for your attention. Please let me know if It’s posible contact with Greta.

    Best regards, Andrés.

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