Statement of CJN! members in Cochabamba

The Climate Justice Now! network (CJN!) was present in great numbers representing social, environmental and political movements from around the world at the People’s World Conference on Climate Change and the Rights of Mother Earth in Cochabamba, Bolivia April 19-23.

CJN! celebrates and supports the emergence of an alternative, inclusive global voice on climate change from that conference, including the outcomes of the 17 formal working groups as well as the unofficial “group 18.” While summary documents may not represent all the positions or priorities of our member organizations, the overall outcomes from Cochabamba, and the vast participatory process that produced them, have created a large and growing alternative voice and process to the undemocratic, illegitimate and scientifically insufficient “Copenhagen Coup,” officially known as the Copenhagen Accord.

Whatever happens in Cancun this December, the Cochabamba process will continue to grow and coalesce to bring the people’s voice to the front of the global stage on climate change. Meanwhile, the principles and priorities articulated by working groups will inform our concrete action around the world, to make the structural changes we know to be necessary to solve the climate crisis with equity, and in time. We invite governments to recognize this new emerging leadership and join forces with us on the road to real and just solutions.

Cochabamba 23 April 2010

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